Saturday, March 14, 2020

Articles of Confederation DBQ 2 essays

Articles of Confederation DBQ 2 essays The statement t h a t the Confederation provided the United States with an effective form of government during the Critical Period in American history is false. Although i t had one major accomplishment,the settling of the Northwest territory,the Confederation could not effectively deal with foreign policy,domestic policy,and enforce decisions. By citing examples during the Critical Period and by using several historical documents,this essay will show the ineffectiveness Secondly, the Spanish also refused to respect the American states while they bound by this loose confederation. During the period in American history, Spain closed off the mouth of the mississippi (sic) to the Americans and refused to budge or compromise on this matter. John Jays speech to Congress on the negotiations with Spains Don Diego de Gardoqui shows that the Spanish refused to allow the Us to navigate the mississippi (sic). It also illustrates Spains lack of respect for American negotiators because this Treaty was never signed. As Gardoqui alluded to in Jays speech, the states were too divided on issues in the west to sign the treaty. As a result, the vote needed was never acquired to ratify the treaty. The Articles were a laughing stock to the As a result of inability to effectively negotiate foreign policy,maintain and establish domestic policy,and enforce decisions,the central government under the Articles of confederation did not provide America with an effective government between 1781 and 1789. The documents and events of the period illustrate this ...

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