Monday, February 10, 2020

Perspectives on Hroup Conflict on the Iraq Conflict Essay

Perspectives on Hroup Conflict on the Iraq Conflict - Essay Example Chandra (2001) postulates that ethnicity is both fluid and it is influenced by external factors within the community. In this context, therefore, Chandra (2001) has criticized how constructivists view the notion of ethnicity and states that ethnicity is more suitable to political approach than any other approach. Achieving peace in Iraq seems to be an impossible element. The major reasons behind this notion lie in the fact that, the number of deaths that have occurred seems to be so high since 2003, and an additional 600,000 persons seem to have lost their homes and are displaced. The intense booming that happened few years back seems to torment most of the Iraq people. From the constructivist point of view the Iraq 2003 conflict, the whole issue can be viewed as social problem constructed within the society. According to Alexander (2009) the identity of the crisis is identity together with factors that drive the identification process, and that they are socially constructed. This pa per is organized from the first part that presents the view of nationalism, along with the notion of constructivist/ instrumentalist, primordial and ethonosymbolic. A closer analysis of how these prospects view the Iraq conflict, and the implications on how to manage these conflicts have also had a great part of this case study. Nationalism is an interdisciplinary factor that needs to be considered using different perspectives. This can be achieved by obtaining historic materials that are very important and understanding how political mechanisms work within different institutions (Brown, 2000). Thus political scientists have to share their ideas on how nationalism works. The theories of nationalist have developed as academic themes since the year 1980s. Political scientists have discussed the theories of nationalism to include; ambivalent strategies that focused on social theories and on the other hand, they focused on liberal, Marxist and conservative ideologist. They also state th at the primordial’s and modernist view the nation as an element that organizes the society. Currently instrumentalist have emphasized on shifting and politically contingent nature of ethnicity (Brubaker, 2004). The primordial’s point on the other hand, points out the high degree of correspondence between cultural and genetic makers (Salters, 2003). Ethno-symbolic constructed nature of ethnicity shows that ethnicity is strongly path dependent. They look at cultural bound such as language, race as old ways of demarcating boundaries and they fail to confine these to the modern period. Primordial approach appeals to emotions, personal constraints, so as to give explanations on ethnic issues. The instrumentalist or constructivist view ethnicity as a dependent variable, therefore, ethnicity is developed based on its strategic utility in achieving political gains within a given territory. Perennials view ethnicity as predating modernity. As indicated by Hechter and Okamato (2 001) primordial’s is not present in several literary materials. The primordial’s theory argues that the demand for a nation-state does depend on the societal ethnic self-

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