Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Discussion Board, Jamie & Carolyn

In the world today, there are a lot of unfortunate people who are suffering due to the conditions that they find themselves in as a result of natural disasters or other unrelated issues. Every human being has the right to have a good life through education, healthy life and income stability. However, this can only be achieved by the existence of humanitarian organizations such as the United Way as some of the governments in these areas are not capable of providing the services. These humanitarian organizations are not profit making and this means that they survive on grants from other profit making organizations. As Smith et al. (2000, pg 285) says, it is necessary for nonprofit organizations to be honest and transparent in their finances. This is the only way that they will win trust of their donors who provide with finances which help them to achieve their mission. Transparency should not only be on their finances but should also be on the way they govern their organization and the people they hire to provide the services. (Smith et al, pg. 311, 330)Response to Carolyn PostingIt is the dream of every human being to have a better life. However, this can only be achieved if one has a constant income which can only provided by a good job. To get a good job, one needs to be educated so as to acquire the skills needed. However, as Smith et al, (2000, pg 309) says, education and skills are not the only things that are needed for a person to get that good job, there is a need to get the knowledge that will help you to prove to the employer that indeed you are the one who should get that job.These are the services that are offered by Goodwill Industries International Inc. Such services require one or the provider to be honest. This virtue can only be given by an organization that does not look forward to some gains from the client. Nonprofit organizations such as Goodwill Industries International Inc. are therefore known to train individuals with utmost good faith. T his is known to help them conduct humanitarian and other activities in any type of organization they may be in. (Smith et al, pg 288) ReferencesSmith, B. et al. (2000). The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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